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Strategic Consulting EMEA

We specialise in advisory on creating optimal working environments that account for market trends and needs of employers and employees. We perform financial analysis and develop strategies of optimal management of real estate or an entire portfolio.

Why Knight Frank?

  • Workplace strategy

We develop and support the implementation of working environment strategies, the purpose of which is to create optimal working conditions. Among other things, we advise our clients on office consolidation and decisions to change locations or business models. We analyse working environments and then support their organisation during the change process. As part of the change management process we develop and communicate a change management strategy and manage the entire implementation process.

  • Financial analysis

We render comprehensive analysis and financial modelling services to owners and tenants who want to understand the impact of a selected strategy of property management on their financial performance. We offer “buy vs lease” analyses and examine the impact of different accounting standards (IFRS 16, US GAAP) on financial performance.

  • Portfolio and location strategy

We create individual scenarios and analyses related to specific locations/buildings. Their purpose is to compare our clients’ current situation against other market opportunities in order to optimise their real estate portfolio and minimise market risk in the process of taking strategic decisions. We take into account location factors (economic and non-economic ones) in the process. We offer “stay vs go” and “postcode” analyses.

  • Space-as-a-Service (SaaS)

SAAS is a solution for Landlords who are interested in adopting a more customer-centric approach in the process of managing their office space. Our team helps diagnose the needs and expectations of tenants and other building occupants and then assists with the space optimisation and proposes implementation solutions.

  • Activity & customer experience platform (ACE)

The ACE Platform is a response to the need of office space owners to ensure a broader and more flexible scope of services and to improve the so-called customer experience. Collecting and analysing data from many sources, including sensors, beacons, Wi-Fi, access cards, etc., the ACE platform is a source of information that helps effectively manage space and adapt it to the actual needs of customers.

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